Evolutionary Milestones on the Path to Human, by William Wolf Ph.D.

Evolutionary Milestones on the Path to Human: The Evolutionary Input of Various Species into Homo sapiens       

by Colorado State University Pueblo visiting professor of Biology William Wolf Ph.D.

Please join us for a Freethinkers of Colorado Springs lecture program, many of which have been presented off and on over the 32 year history of the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs.


There has been 4 billion years of living simple cells and only 300,000 years of our species, Homo sapiens. In this presentation, we consider the major evolutionary innovations that, as humans, we have inherited from some very humble ancestors. Worms, sponges, jellyfish and more.

What makes Homo sapiens unique? Imagination does, for we alone invent elaborate fictions, create fantastic designs of what could be, and engineer these fictional contrivances into existence.

This Freethinkers of Colorado Springs sponsored lecture will occur on

Wednesday, June 12 at

6 pm at

Library 21c CreateSpace room,

1175 Chapel Hills Dr.

The event is open to everyone at no charge. 

For more details call or text Gary at 719-659-5075


Everybody welcome!


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