Everybody Welcome! Monthly Second Saturday Social - Freethinkers of Colorado Springs

Freethinkers of Colorado Springs

Monthly Second Saturday Social 

July 13

  ~5:00 pm to ~8:00 pm


Come and enjoy good food and great conversation with other Freethinkers!

Bring a dish to share, bring your spouse and/or friend, and bring a bottle of beer or wine or whatever you’d like to drink; coffee and tea are provided by the host(s). Socials usually begin between 5:00 and 6:00 pm and break up around 8:00 pm.  

There will be many choices of often homemade dishes, imaginative salads, tasty deserts, and some plain old everyday options like take out pizza. Consider bringing a copy of the recipe to allow people to read, copy, or photograph, and consider putting dressings etc. on the side for the purists who really like vegetables. By the way, these sessions are called "pot luck" because you never know how great a dish in a given pot will be until you try it.

Most freethinkers are religiously sophisticated, yet very doubtful about the often-magical claims of organized religion. Although most freethinkers are respectful of all religions and all religious believers, many freethinkers are survivors terrible damage religion can inflict. Expect discussions about the exploding need to need to support and defend the United States Constitution; civil rights and human freedoms; the civil right of all people to choose freedom FROM religion; science and the power of modern medicine; our currently unprotected human rights of privacy and bodily autonomy; the tragedy of religious oppression and war, and countless other topics such as reproductive rights, gender equity and equality; and individual civil rights, human rights, logic, critical thinking, and interpersonal respect.

Everybody is welcome at our events. As a 501(c)3, the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs do not support any political party or candidate, and we invite EVERYONE IS WELCOME to attend our events and interact with the secular community. If attendees happen to be office holders or candidates, it is even more important that they understand us and we understand them. You might be surprised to know that many attendees do not call themselves freethinkers, but identify as agnostics, "nones," or "non-believers," etc. - and we often host participants who are active religious believers.

Remember to mark your calendar - Freethinkers of Colorado Springs socials occur regularly on the second Saturday of most every month.



5:00 to 8:00 pm

6302 Farthing Drive



This event is open to everyone at no charge.

For more information, call at Gary 719-659-5075.





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